Terraformæ is an experimental design and research hub focused on terracotta. Born as an extension of the historic Fornace Sant’Anselmo, Terraformæ aims to explore the potentials of clay and push the boundaries of a fundamental material that has made the history of our structures.
Driven by a deep passion for terracotta, Terraformæ seeks to rethink its role from a modern perspective, elevating it from being a pure structural or decorative element to a real gamechanger. Thanks to a process of mutual influence with young designers, architects and researchers, Terraformæ aspires to be a reference point and an incubator for new products, experiments, research, opportunities, and methods.

Clay is a challenging material to work with, as fascinating as it is unpredictable. Slight changes in the production parameters, such as kiln temperature or a different ingredient in the mix, can lead to very different results. To work it at its best, clay must be understood, studied, and truly comprehended. We mastered this material, tackling every obstacle that may arise between technique and vision.
Terraformæ’s productions embody the same attitude as its parent company: welcoming every request from clients, architects, and designers adapting the material to their ambitions, including those that seem unattainable.
Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to approach challenges from every possible angle. We analyse the problem, understand the objective and come up with the best possible solution for each project.

Terraformæ is the brainchild of Alberto De Checchi, a member of the founding family and promoter of the project, under the creative direction of Sveva Bizzotto. From the technical side, the laboratory specialist Carlo Zambon suggests possible approaches and gives substance to the group’s ideas. Aiming to combine terracotta and design, Terraformæ moves in uncharted directions, constantly trying to satisfy a need or, at the opposite, to find a product that is the expression of an unexpected production process.
For instance, inventing new techniques for coloring terracotta to enhance the charm of its surface or investigating dimensions for the slimmest possible modular element. Terraformæ actively seeks out uncharted paths through systematic experimentation, putting into practice what were previously unexpected discoveries. In its research and development mission, the team also benefits from the incredible know-how of the De Checchi family and from the contribution of architects and designers.

Terraformæ collaborates with architects and designers from all over the world. The creative mix and the exchange of ideas are more than just guidelines: they are our way of conceiving our work.
Breaking the established rules of a material isn’t that simple: the more one knows those rules, the more one tends to stick to them, in a way limiting your perspective.
An inexperienced eye, less bound to tradition, can instead come up with an idea that inspires a new solution.
This is how Terraformæ, as an experimental hub, wants to embody the most vibrant soul of the furnace.

With a long-standing commitment to efficient production processes, our structure is based on flexibility as a cornerstone. We have strategically invested in state-of-the-art machinery and technology, prioritising versatility over pure production. This includes measures such as establishing multiple lines with different clay-mix ready for immediate production, or fine-tuning the firing processes to align with specific temperature requirements.
Our ultimate goal is to enhance the charm of terracotta, celebrating its inherent imperfections through the unwavering dedication we apply in its craftsmanship.
This same commitment is a hallmark of the furnace: we invest significant resources in the search of advanced methods to process such a challenging material analyzing its complexities trying to transform them into strengths within our production pipeline.

Since its establishment in 1903, Fornace Sant’Anselmo has always looked ahead.Right from the time it was founded in the province of Padua by the De Checchi family, it was the first company in the area to provide its own kiln to fire the bricks that businesses and individuals produced by hand.
Some decades later, it became the only business in Italy capable of producing soft mud bricks, and soon became a leader in the production of facing bricks. Since then, the essence of Fornace Sant’Anselmo has not changed. Five generations later, the De Checchi family still leads the company with passion, building a bridge between past and future, and creating high quality products that satisfy any creative inspiration.
Alongside the artisanal identity of this ancient craft, they have added a keen eye on the world around it. Terraformæ is the latest step in a journey of innovation that sets Fornace Sant’Anselmo at the forefront of the terracotta field.

At Terraformæ, our doors are wide open to anyone eager to learn something about clay.
We like to share the knowledge we achieved over decades of experience, introducing anyone to discover the background and researches that have firmly established us as leaders in the field.
The furnace is a charming and characteristic place where to discover materials and production processes, a place where to be inspired by new interpretations of terracotta.
It’s a journey that begins at the clay quarries and culminates in the narration of the most iconic case studies we worked on, conveyed through audiovisual materials and the through the direct telling of the makers.

Fornace Sant’Anselmo firmly believes in the importance of education on the subject. It is through education that we enable clay to keep up with the times, ensuring a solid and vibrant future.
Our outreach efforts extend beyond guided tours. Visitors to the Furnace gain knowledge, learn, and then become active participants, engaged in an exchange of ideas that enriches both educators and students. Terraformæ offers workshops, design residencies equipped with small kilns for experimentation, and partnerships with schools and universities. These partnerships provide technical and creative support, review student work, and realize their prototypes. Our commitment to education is essential to guarantee a prosperous future for terracotta, whether by instructing future designers or providing new tools to already established professionals.


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